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Women Empowerment:

Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) is focused on to enhance livelihood programs for Rural Women since its commencement. Foundation is taken initially the following projects which are running under strong monitoring and supervision by the finance of Mostafizur Rahman Foundation.

Cap Making Project:

Distressed and underprivileged Rural Women are involved in this project to eradicate poverty and to enhance their lives under strong monitoring by supervision. Locally selling the goods and they getting profit as ratio.

Cloth Sewing Project:

Cloth sewing project also running by the rural poor women those who have enough time after their daily household works. This project also under one roof of cap Making and monitoring is conducted by a women team even with marketing.

Bamboo & Rattan Product Making Project:

Bamboo and Rattan Product Making is a project handling by distressed and widowed female, poor males are also working in this project of daily basis. Mostafizur Rahman Foundation is supplying the product locally and trying to sell abroad by increasing production capacity. This project is monitoring under strong supervision.

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