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Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) has begun its work since inception in the rural area for the underprivileged, poor and distressed people for following:

Free Blood Grouping and Diabetic Test:

Blood Grouping and Diabetic Test is a running project under supervision of intern Doctors and each month the project is going on. It’s a regular project by Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF).

Eye Camping and Circumcision Project:

Eye camping for and aged male and female is running regularly and each year circumcision for the poor male by the expert doctor is going on. These two are regular project by Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF).

Free Friday Clinic:

A free priday clinic of MRF is opened this year and all nursing facilities and medicines as free of cost are providing to the poor patients, especially mothers and childs. This project is regulated by a gynae and medicine doctor.

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