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Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) offers scholarships and educational opportunities, skill development, and technical training to enable people to improve their lives and livelihoods. Strengthening educational institutions is an important facet of this work.

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Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) supports improved health of rural populations through activities that address family nutrition, reduce the spread of disease, strengthen health care delivery, prevent violence against women and address the effects of HIV/AIDS on families.

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Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) supports in the potential of individuals through training programs to increase productivity, income and the ability to use information to improve society and livelihoods of underprivileged and distress peoples.

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Income Generation

Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) offers comprehensive programs to increase the ability of rural populations to increase their earning power through improvements to current practices or new income-generation strategies.

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Women & Children

Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) promotes equity and opportunity for women, men and youth (particularly girls) to ensure equal participation in national, community, and organizational activities.

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