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Funding Officer:

Mashiat Mostafa is currently doing her Masters in International Development at Royal Melbourne Insitute of Technology (RMIT) and has received her bachelor degree in Politics, Philosophy, Economics, and ICT from Asian University for Women (AUW). She is currently working at AUW as a Research Study Coordinator for a Ford Foundation funded project on Women Empowerment. While working as a research coordinator she has gained experiences in administrative and communication skills. Main responsibilities of her job have allowed her to gain experience with handling large budgets, Website development, and formal communication skills.

She has worked with an NGO, Grameen Bank, to establish ICT-based entrepreneurship project for women in rural areas. For this project, Shilpo Nari, Ms. Mostafa was nominated as one of the top 10 finalists in the Dell Women Empowerment Project in 2013 and in 2015 has pitched her start up in the World Bank Entrepreneurship Talent House of Support (ETHOS) training program's demo day to South Korean investors.

Moreover, she was an intern at BRAC and helped their communication team and ICT department with their overall communication strategy formulation, research portal design, and in drafting the formal online communication policies for their internal workplace.

Ms. Mostafa is also leading a student research group on ICT and New Media at AUW. Social and Policy implications of New Media, Women Empowerment, and ICT, and Privacy are the key focus areas of her research group. She has been one of the co-Authors for two book chapters published by Emerald and ITID on issues related to ICT for Economic development and gender equality. Along with this for her research, she has recently completed a research project with Global Voices Exchange on 'Digital Advocacy and campaigns for Asia' in Marseille, France.

In addition, she has been a campus ambassador for Teach for Bangladesh during her university years. Ms. Mostafa has also organized various educational, social and cultural events and has served the student body as the president of student government.

Thanking you,
Mashiat Mostafa
Funding Officer
Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF)

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