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Organization Background:

Chittagong is a special geographical region with the different community people speaking in special languages of Chittagong in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. They have been deprived for socio-economic development for, lacking in communications infrastructure, education, health care and various amenities. For this reason, the poor community people have been deprived of participation in the mainstream, socioeconomic development process and have been kept out of the development planning and implementation. Thus an imbalance has been created for the community people to be related with the social, political, economic and cultural development of the national mainstream. Mostafizur Rahman Foundation is committed to plan and implement Education, social economic and cultural development programs among the disadvantaged and underdeveloped poor community people. The foundation was established with the aims and objects at friendly environment and poor community people specially woman and children education and socio-economic development strategy.


The mission of organization is to improve the socio-economic and livelihood of the backward, underprivileged community people providing appropriate / modern/ functional skills, Vocational Training & Education.


Building a harmonious society promoting peace and human transformation catering socio-economic development in the lives of the poor community people.


Increase the opportunity of education and health care facilities and attain sustainable self-employment opportunity by building skills and capacity through vocational training of the poor community people.

Aims and objectives:

  • To provide formal and non-formal education.
  • To ensure primary health care service and raise health and nutrition awareness.
  • To provide necessity assistance for safe Water Supply and Reservation and ensuring utilization of Sanitation.
  • To provide Micro and Macro credit program for self-employment and small business.
  • To ensure skill human resources development through vocational/professional training.
  • To ensure Gender equity and woman empowerment.
  • To provide promotion of social justice, legal awareness and advocacy.
  • To provide environment program with tree plantation and forestation.
  • To ensure endorse/facilitate the development opportunities conductive to the cultural, tradition and values of deprived poor.
  • To provide necessity and assistance to the people of disaster affected area.
  • To provide Primary school, High School, Girls Technology & Business Management College for women.

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