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Desk of Chairman:

Mostafizur Rahman Foundation was registered under societies Act, 1860 of Bangladesh Government by organizing some dynamic and valued social works to act for the under privileged, needy, distressed and orphan peoples to eradicate the poverty as well as educate the helpless peoples, economic development and community development by taking likelihood projects, to change their daily life, to development the society by securing them from the diseases to the helpless people, enhancing to assure empowerment of women, raise the voice of underprivileged peoples of the society. 

Before its inception in the name Mostafizur Rahman Foundation, since 1952 my late father, the pioneer Alhaj Mostafizur Rahman shown me a path of light to educate the people especially to the girls of society first by establishing Alhaj Mostafizur Rahman University College in which a large numbers of students are educating from this institution. 

As a pathfinder, I follow him how to involve more under privileged and poor peoples to educate them, to serve them by giving treatment, to educate4 also to the yateems (Orphans).

I started myself heart and soul and established so many educational Institutions in different districts of Bangladesh, which running successfully. We are committing and caring the nation, helping underprivileged women and child, we are connecting peoples helping helpless.

I have always held the belief that through educate the poor students and entrepreneurship, innovation and grass roof efforts our young female and male can transform the country for which I have established a technical college named Mostafa Begum Girls Technology and Business Management College to lights up the society as well as country.

I have a vision to set the masterminds to set up some mega projects such as University, International Standard English medium school, vocational training institute in education sector and a Safe maternity and postnatal care hospital in health sector which we seek the bless from the international and national donors.

Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF) is on a mission. A mission that will change Bangladesh for the betterment of society. 

Thanking you,
Alhaj Shafique Uddin
Mostafizur Rahman Foundation (MRF)

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